Speech by Ambassador of China to the FSM H.E. Huang Zheng At The Handover Ceremony of Kahmar Bridge in Pohnpei State
(August 20, 2020, Pohnpei State, FSM)

Kaselehlie, Mogethin, Lenwo, Ran Anim and Hello to everybody.

Firstly, please allow me to pay my deepest respect to the traditional leaders of this land.

Your Royal Highness Iso Nahnken of Nett Salvador Iriarte

and Nahnkeniei of Nett,

Secondly, please allow me to pay my deepest respect to the dignitaries present today.

Your Honorable Vice President Yosiwo P. George and the Second Lady,

Your Honorable Vice Speaker of the FSM National Congress  Esmond Moses,

Your Honorable Secretary of Foreign Affairs Kandhi A. Elieisar ,

Your Honorable Secretary of TC&I Carlson D. Apis ,

Your Honorable Lt. Governor Felciano Perman and Mrs. Perman

Your Honorable Speaker of Pohnpei State Legislature Ausen T. Lambert,

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen and Friends,


On behalf of the government of the People's Republic of China, I wish to  extend my warmest congratulations for the successful completion and opening of the Kahmar Bridge.


Today is a memorable and historical day in the history of the bilateral relationship between China and the FSM, we are all here to witness the Completion of the Kahmar Bridge Reconstruction Project which signifies the achievement of the Belt and Road Cooperation which is the largest international public good and international cooperation platform initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping and supported widely and strongly by the international community including the FSM.  


By promoting the Belt and Road Cooperation through this Kahmar Bridge Reconstruction Project, China and the FSM are joining hands together to jointly pursue the building of a Community with a Shared Future for humanity. Both the Belt and Road Cooperation and the joint pursuit of the building of a Community with a Shared Future for humanity are important ideas of Chines President Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Diplomacy and both are also consensuses reached between Chinese leaders and FSM leaders and leaders of other countries around the world.


China and FSM share a long history of friendly exchanges. The Chinese government attaches great importance to China-FSM relations and always regards FSM as a good brother and sister, a good partner and a good friend. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1989, the bilateral relationships of our two nations have developed rapidly. Last December, as an important event to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and FSM, H.E. David Panuelo, President of the FSM, made a historical state visit to China. Chinese President Xi Jinping and FSM President Panuelo have reached important and broad consensuses on the enhancement of the Great Friendship and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between our two countries and our two nations. Both President Xi and President Panuelo have pointed out the direction for the future long-term development of China-FSM relations. President Panuelo and Vice President George have reiterated the FSM’s administration’s commitment to push the Great Friendship between China and the FSM on the bedrock of the One China Principle to a new high for the next 30 years and beyond.  Today is the real action and strong reflection of our Great Friendship and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.


Over the past 30 years of our Great Friendship and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, although China is a developing country itself, China has always devoted its best within its capacity to assist the development of the FSM with no single political strings attached and only on the bedrock of One China Principle and principles of mutual respect and common development for the goal of jointly building a community with a shared future for humanity which will bring peace and prosperity to the whole world and benefit every one in the world.


Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, China has implemented nearly 20 infrastructure projects in FSM. Some of the projects, like Tuna Commission Building, Kosrae Bridge and the New Chuuk State Government Complex Building have been put into use, while some others are under construction, for example, the National Convention Center in Palikir and the Pohnpei Secondary Road and the Renovation of the Pohnpei State Government Building and Road renovation projects in Chuuk and other states. Those bridges and buildings have made the FSM more beautiful and modern. They are new monuments to witness and record the Great Friendship between China and the FSM.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic this year, the Great Friendship between China and FSM has been tested and enhanced again. During the toughest time when China was combating the first wave of this global pandemic, FSM President Panuelo and FSM National Congress have expressed their strong support for the the Chinese Government and the Chinese people. Chinese Government and Chinese people will keep that  firmly in mind and heart. An old Chinese saying goes like this “A drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed.”


Under the personal command and planning of President Xi Jinping, China adopted the most extensive, stringent, and thorough containment measures, and has for now succeeded in cutting all channels for the transmission of the virus. Having forged the idea that the world is a global community of shared future and in an open, transparent, and responsible manner and in accordance with the law, China gave timely notification to the international community of the onset of this new coronavirus, and shared without reserve its experience in containing the spread of the virus and treating the infected. China has done all it can to provide humanitarian aid in support of the international community’s endeavors, including those of the FSM, to stem the pandemic. China is also a victim of this global pandemic and has suffered tremendously but China has contributed generously to the global efforts to combat the virus. That is why we are resolutely opposed to any attempt at stigmatization, politicizing or labeling the virus. This virus is the common enemy of the humanity and international solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons and right solutions available to the international community in the war against this global pandemic.  The Chinese government has been very quick to help the FSM. China has held Vice Foreign Minister video conference and public health experts video conference to share anti-COVID 19 experiences with the FSM. China has donated large quantities of badly-needed PPEs worth 150 thousand US dollars and has made cash donations of  170 thousand US dollars to both the FSM National Government and Pohnpei State Government. More assistance are on the way to the FSM. As Chinese President Xi Jinping has committed in his Statement at the 73rd World Health Assembly, COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good. This will be China's contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries including the FSM. We will also donate to the FSM some quarantine units which are badly needed by the FSM people.


China thinks what FSM thinks about, worries what FSM worries about, and stands firmly with FSM to win this global battle against this global pandemic together.


Your Honorables, Ladies and Gentlemen and Friends,


Transportation infrastructure is the most important lifeline of a country’s development. There is an old Chinese saying : If you want to get developed, build bridges and roads first because  bridges and roads will connect people. FSM has advantageous geographical location, abundant resources and unique development conditions. However, with the limits of its infrastructure, its economic potentials are being restrained. One year ago, I visited the old Kahmar Bridge. It was in rainy season and the river overflowed the bridge after heavy rains for many days. The old bridge has been seriously damaged for a long time. It has potential threats to the traffic safety of the local people. During the past year, the Chinese construction workers were working so hard that they made full use of every minute. In less than one year, the Kahmar Bridge has been rebuilt. The newly-built Kahmar Bridge is magnificent and beautiful with highest quality. It is a modern bridge with the length of 56 meters, and the connecting lines on both sides of it is nearly 100 meters. After the completion of the bridge, it will connect the “last kilometer” between local villages and the main road of Pohnpei State, save time for crossing the river, reduce accident risks, improve the traffic in the neighbourhood, facilitate the travel of inner island residents, promote the tourism along the line, increase employment opportunities and inject new vitality into the local economic and social development.


I would like to thank traditional leaders of this land Your Royal Highness Iso Nahnken of Nett Salvador Iriarte and Nahnkeniei of Nett for their strong support.


I would like to thank President Panuelo and Vice President George and other leaders in the FSM for their strong leadership and support for this Kahmar Bridge reconstruction project. I still remember very clearly that last November, President Panuelo and First Lady Patricia Edwin came to the site of the Kahmar Bridge reconstruction project in a rainy day to show their support. All the Chinese workers were deeply touched and encouraged.  I would like to thank DFA, TC&I, and other FSM National Departments. I would like to thank the Pohnpei State government for their strong support and cooperation for this  project. During the covid-19 difficult time, the FSM travel bans have brought unprecedented difficulties and challenges to the project, but with the support from FSM Side, China has successfully completed the remote inspection to ensure the bridge’s highest quality before today’s hand-over. Finally, I would like to thank the Chinese contractors the China Railway 14th Bureau Group, China Communications Construction Corporation Group and all of their hard-working workers for all of their hard work and great contributions to this Project and to the Great Friendship between our two countries and two nations.


Your Honorables, Ladies and gentlemen and Friends,


The Kahmar Bridge project is one of the fruits nourished by the  the Belt and Road Cooperation between China and FSM. It realizes both the infrastructure connectivity and heart to heart links between China and FSM. The determination, confidence  for the Belt and Road Cooperation between China and FSM have been strongly consolidated by this Kahmar Bridge project.


Chinese President Xi Jinping sent letter to a high-level conference on Belt and Road International Cooperation on June 18th. In the letter, President Xi wrote: “ COVID-19 is yet another sobering reminder that in this age of globalization, the futures of countries are closely linked, and the entire humanity belongs to one community with a shared future. Solidarity and multilateralism are necessary for combating the epidemic as well as recovering economy. The right approach to tackling global crises and realizing long-term development is through greater connectivity, openness and inclusiveness, and this is where Belt and Road international cooperation can make a big difference". President Xi also underscored: “China will keep committed to working with other cooperation partners to accelerate the building of the Belt and Road into a road that is able to tackle challenges, safeguard global health and further unleash development potential. Through high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, we can build a community with a shared future for humanity.”


FSM is an important partner of China for Belt and Road Cooperation. China is willing to work together with FSM to build the Belt and Road into a road that is able to promote cooperation, safeguard health, develop economy and promote sustainable growth. I am fully convinced that under the strong leadership of the leaders both in China and the FSM, China and FSM will work together  hand in hand for more Belt and Road Cooperation and to build a community with a shared future for  humanity and a brighter future together and that will benefit every one in the world!


Kalahngan and thank you!


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