H.E. Ambassador Huang Zheng Attends Handover Ceremony of China-Aid Kahmar Bridge Reconstruction Project in Pohnpei, FSM

On 20 August, H.E. Ambassador Huang Zheng attended the handover ceremony of China-aid Kahmar Bridge reconstruction project in Pohnpei, FSM. The Hon. Vice President of FSM Yosiwo P. George,the Hon. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Kandhi A. Elieisar, the Hon. Secretary of TC&I Carlson D. Apis, the Hon. Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State Felciano Perman, the Hon. Speaker of Pohnpei State Legislature Ausen T. Lambert, District Administrator of Nett Municipal Government Nelsin Iriarte and Iso Nahnken of Nett Salvador Iriarte among others attended the event.

In his remarks, Ambassador Huang Zheng, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, extended congratulations to the FSM Government and people for the successful completion and handover of the Kahmar Bridge. Ambassador Huang says, China and FSM share a long history of friendly exchanges. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the Chinese government attaches great importance to China-FSM relations, and the bilateral relationships have developed rapidly. During the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, friendship between China and FSM has been tested and enhanced again. Being a developing country itself, China has long been committed to assisting the development of FSM within the best of its capability. Transportation infrastructure is the most important lifeline of a country's development. Completion of the new Kahmar Bridge will facilitate the travel of inner island residents and inject new vitality into the local economic and social development. Ambassador Huang expressed thanks to President Panuelo and other leaders for their care on the Kahmar Bridge reconstruction project, as well as to the project contractors, China Railway 14th Bureau Group, China Communications Construction Corporation Group for their efforts in implementation of the project.

Ambassador Huang emphasized that the Kahmar Bridge project is yet another concrete step for China to implement the Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy and building a community with a shared future for humanity. Huang stressed that the FSM is an important partner of China in Belt and Road cooperation. The Kahmar Bridge project is one of the fruits nourished by the Belt and Road cooperation, which realizes both the infrastructure connectivity and heart to heart links between China and FSM. Huang emphasized that at present, it is the common and urgent task for both sides to fight the COVID-19 epidemic and recover economy. Huang underscored that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with FSM in combating the epidemic and restoring economic and social development, and that China is willing to work together with FSM to build the Belt and Road into a road that is able to promote cooperation, safeguard health, recover economy and promote sustainable growth. Huang reiterated that China and FSM will work together to create a brighter future for Belt and Road cooperation and to build a community with a shared future for humanity together.

The Hon. Vice President of FSM Yosiwo P. George,the Hon. Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State Felciano Perman,and Iso Nahnken of Nett Salvador Iriarte made remarks on behalf of the federal and state governments and the local community respectively. In their remarks,the FSM leaders expressed their heart-felt gratitudes to the Chinese government and people for the generous assistance in the reconstruction project of the Khamar Bridge,and to members of the China Railway 14th Bureau Group, who contributed to the completion of the bridge. They emphasized that the new bridge will improve the connection of regions and travel of the local people. They underscored that China is a good friend and partner of the FSM. The leaders reiterated their consistent commitment to the enhancement of China-FSM Great Friendship and commitment to the One-China principle. They stressed that the FSM will work with China to promote the Belt and Road cooperation and elevate the China-FSM Great Friendship to a new high.

The event also witnessed signing of the handover certificate, turnover of the bridge and ribbon cutting.

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