Kolonia-China Friendship Centre Handed over

On April 13, the hand-over ceremony of Kolonia-China Friendship Centre and the farewell party for H.E. Ambassador Li Jie was held in Pohnpei, the Capital State of the FSM.

The traditional leaders of the FSM, President Peter Christian, Vice President Yosiwo George, Vice Speaker Esmond Moses, Senator Ferny Perman and Dion Neth, Foreign Secretary Lorin Robert, Pohnpei Governor Marcelo Peterson, Pohnpei Legislature Floor Leader MacGarry Miguel, Kolonia Mayor Jose Nicolas, together with 400 local people, attended the ceremony.

In the remarks of President Christian, Governor Peterson and Mayor Nicolas, they expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Chinese government and Ambassador Li Jie for the contribution to promote the development of local communities. The multi-purpose gym realizes the dream of Kolonia people and the young generation will benefit from it and will remember the friendship with China.

H.E. Ambassador Li Jie pointed out the construction of this gym is another demonstration of the good relationship between China and the FSM. It is also a manifestation of the importance China attaches to the well-being of the ordinary people. It provides a wonderful place for physical exercises and art performances. He is confident that under the strong leadership of the FSM government, the social undertakings and the China-FSM friendship will make progress continuously.

  The art groups from all over Pohnpei State performed songs and dances with unique local cultural features in the celebration.
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